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Fundació Emys is a non-lucrative entity dedicated to nature conservation, specially in wet zones and of the European pont turtle (Emys orbicularis), thorugh investigation, management, conseravation, education and sensibilization.
The entity works with the territory actors, helping them doing a sustainable management, promoting the agroecology, sustainable forestry management, environmental education and ecotourism.
Fundació Emys works through investiagions, management and education in forest, agrarian and wet zones to prosper its conservation.
We work with land owners, managers, experts and users of the territory to promote a long term biodiversity conservation, where the different actors of the territory take part ot its sustainable management.
The foundation objective is the study, protection and divulgation of the natural and cultural heritage linked to the natural environment through land stewardships, with special emhasis in wet zones and the European pond turtle.
Fundació Emys accomplishes its purposes while promoting the environmental volunteering and, specially, the natural heritage conservation between young people and disadvantaged collectives.
Fundació Emys’ project was born in 1987 with ADEPAR, a few young people from Riudarenes grouped together to conserve several wet zones with European pond turtle populations.
In 2003, with Riudarenes’ town hall support and some patrons, the project takes a definitive impulse and Fundació Emys is created, for the natural heritage conservation in Catalunya.

If you want to know all the projects and actions we carry out in each area download our anual memory. 

Anual report 2018 (pdf)


Know our strategic lines and biodiversity conservation projects

Land Stewardship

Get to know us, why and witch land stewardship projects are we working on.


Learn about our educational offer and educational project for all ages.

Green economy

Discover how to promote an economy with benefits to our nature.

Fundació Emys News


Can Moragues

The Can Moragues space is a rural estate located in Riudarenes that the Emys Foundation has restored to become its center of nerve. In Can Moragues you can come and take a walk on the estate knowing more details of our nature, participate in recreational activities, workshops, training or also come to buy or to make a good meal in harmony with nature.

L’Espai Can Moragues es troba a la Carretera de Santa Coloma km 21,1 de Riudarenes i està oberta a tothom i de Dilluns a Diumenge perquè tothom la pugui gaudir.

Experiences Emys


Els ratpenats són molt més fàcils d'observar del que sembla. Vine a la nostra Nit de Ratpenats!

Data: 20/06/2020
Horari: de 20h a 23h
Lloc: Espai Can Moragues, Riudarenes
Professorat: Miguel Ángel Fuentes, Natura Montfred
Preu: 30€ (inclou sopar)


Showcooking de receptes d'estiu amb producte ecològic, de temporada i de proximitat!

Data: 13/06/2020
Horari: de 17h a 18:30h
Lloc: El Rebost de Can Moragues, Riudarenes
Professorat: Quim Trias, pastisseria Trias
Preu: 3€


El nostre esdeveniment anual més important! Una festa dedicada a explicar la nostra tasca plena d'activitats naturalistes per tota la família!

Data: 06/06/2020
Horari: tot el dia
Lloc: Espai Can Moragues, Riudarenes
Preu: segons activitats escollides


Coneix què són els micro-mamífers i vine amb nosaltres a fer un seguiment on podrem veure'ls!

Data: 16/05/2020
Horari: de 9h a 12h
Lloc: Punt de trobada a Can Moragues, Riudarenes
Professorat: Ona Font, biòloga i tècnica d'educació de la Fundació Emys
Preu: la voluntat
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