Drafting of the Communication Plan of the ENP Gavarres [COMPLETED]







  1. Provide to the Corsoci de les Gavarres with a long-term communication plan for the strategic planning of the ENP's communication
  2. Systematize the communication of the ENP de les Gavarres to improve its positioning and increase its notoriety
  3. Develop a communication strategy for the ENP Gavarres that puts its natural values ​​and environmental communication at the center, along with the cultural side
  4. Improve the user experience through appropriate communication tools and channels



  1. Consorci de les Gavarres



The Massís de les Gavarres is a Protected Natural Area included in the Plan of Areas of Natural Interest (PEIN). In addition, it is one of the areas included in the network of protected natural areas "Natura 2000 Network". The geographical location and orientation give it a remarkable degree of faunal and floristic diversity as it includes territories in the Baix Empordà and Gironès counties. Specifically, 20 municipalities make up this area recognized and protected for its natural and cultural values. The continuity of the forest mass of the Massif de les Gavarres is a landscape element of great value in an area with intense human pressure. In fact, we find the most important cork oaks and pine forests in Catalonia. The predominant landscape is made up of heather and steppe bushes, with a tree layer of cork oaks and pines, and an abundance of strawberries.

The protected natural area of ​​the Gavarres forest area is managed by the Consorci de les Gavarres. It was created in November 1998 and deals with the management of the massif. His tasks revolve around:

  • The protection, restoration and improvement of the natural and cultural heritage of Les Gavarres Local development that improves the living conditions of the population linked to the massif, based among others on the sustainable use of natural resources
  • The management of the uses of the Protected Natural Area
  • The promotion of environmental education and scientific research

The Protected Natural Area of ​​the Gavarres Massif is, therefore, a space with a managing body and active management, referring to Catalonia. However, it has lacked a Communication Plan that proposes a long-term strategic planning of communication, as well as a systematization of this taking into account the large volume of actors involved and putting environmental communication at the center. for the dissemination of its natural values ​​along with its cultural values. It is proposed to create a Communication Plan accompanied by an internal Communication Protocol to position the ENP de les Gavarres and its natural values, in addition to increasing its notoriety.



  • Communication audit
  • Participatory communication process
  • Design of objectives, expected results, communication actions and process indicators -
  • Drafting of the Communication Plan
  • Creation of the internal communication protocol


The Communication Plan and the Internal Communication Protocol of the Gavarres Consortium have been drafted.