International labor camp

START:  August 21, 2021

FINAL: Septembre 4, 2021


  1. Show the environmental reality of a territory and how to intervene in it
  2. Contribute to the improvement and conservation of the Estanys de Sils Natural Area.
  3. Get to know the biodiversity and the characteristic habitats of these wetlands
  4. Know the custody of the territory, the actors of the territory that participate in it and examples in its application
  5. Transmit values ​​of cooperation and respect for the environment and its inhabitants
  6. Offer a space for exchange and discovery of the different realities of the participants, mainly in environmental issues and conservation / management of natural spaces.
  7. Promote responsible consumption in all senses. On the one hand, as an important measure to take care of our environment; on the other hand, in the use of new technologies and other aspects related to self-care and the people around us.
  8. Promote participants to become disseminators
  9. To make Catalan culture known through experientiality and networking.

BUDGET: 5.850€


The international work camp is aimed at young people between the ages of 18 and 29 from different parts of the world. The work camp is held in the municipality of Sils and lasts 14 days. This last field of work was held from August 21 to September 4.

The field of work consists of a part of technical work carried out entirely in the Lake of Sils carried out in the morning, and another playful and leisure part carried out during the afternoons where talks, activities, excursions are made knowing the environment, culture and its people.

Estany de Sils is a protected natural area included in the Plan of Areas of Natural Interest (PEIN) of Catalonia, as well as being part of the European Network of Natural Areas Natura 2000. Currently the areas of natural flooding they have declined and are scarce in Catalonia, which is why the priority of their conservation is of special interest. During the first international work camp that took place during the summer of 2019, the recovery of the water table in Sils Lake and the restoration of the adjacent areas and infrastructures began. This last year, we wanted to continue with this task by carrying out actions such as: the elimination of invasive exotic flora, the restoration of the areas of passage with bushes, the recovery of a pond, the recovery of the riparian forest, the maintenance and restoration of infrastructure, the creation of new bird shelter areas and finally garbage collection.


  1. Carrying out technical work in the Estanys de Sils; reconstruction of stairways, planting of riverside trees and shrubs, control and counting of nest boxes hanging in the pond.
  2. Leisure activities such as discoveries around the castle of Farners, the village of Sils, a visit to the Can Moragues estate or a visit to the city of Girona. Participation in group and gender cohesion dynamics, in environmental debates, or visits to cultural entities such as the Ratafia Brotherhood.