Renaturalization plan for the municipality of Hostalric



INICI: April 2021

FINAL: December 2021


  • Creation of nature spaces in areas where they did not exist in order to bring biodiversity closer to people, taking advantage of municipal spaces and infrastructures.
    • Create wildlife refuges.
    • To promote biodiversity in the municipality and its conservation.
    • Promote native species and green spaces.
    • Increase the curiosity and interest of the population for nearby species.
    • Improve connectivity between habitats.







Urban growth is responsible for the loss of green space on the outskirts of towns. This loss makes urban areas less and less hospitable to wildlife and, consequently, also to humans who lose the vital benefits it offers. Amid a global loss of nature and a climate emergency, we find several examples of cities that are working to protect and expand green spaces, and Hostalric is one of them.

In this way, through a collaboration agreement between the City Council of Hostalric and the Emys Foundation for the conservation and revitalization of the natural heritage of the municipality, a renaturalization plan has been drafted with the aim of creating spaces for nature in areas where there was none in order to bring biodiversity closer to people. To achieve this goal, we have worked on two lines of action, which consist of bibliographic research on the species and habitats present in the municipality and a field study in order to verify the data obtained and to determine whether the 'space is valid to carry out the proposed actions.



  • Elaboration of a specific renaturalization plan for the municipality of Hostalric in which the various areas where actions are carried out to conserve the space and the species that benefit from it are highlighted on a map.
  • Creation of an annex with technical data sheets detailing the biological characteristics of the species of interest and recommendations for the implementation of management measures, among others.
Renaturalization map of the municipality of Hostalric
Renaturalization map of the municipality of Hostalric

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