Technical plan for forest management and improvement of the Taberner property



Start 11/12/2020

Final 30/09/2021



Departament d'Acció Climàtica, Alimentació i Agenda Rural

Centre de la Propietat Forestal


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Write a Technical Plan for Forest Management and Improvement (TPFMI) for the estate in the custody of the Taberner de Castanyet with the aim of creating a 25-year planning plan that allows the exploitation of the resources of the estate (mainly cork) while ensuring the best practices of nature conservation and the risk of fire is avoided as much as possible.



The "El Taberner" property, of 192.36 hectares, located between the municipalities of Santa Coloma de Farners and Brunyola (La Selva) has a TPFMI that was carried out in 2004, and which expired in 2014. of the actions planned in this TPFMI were not implemented, so it was proposed to write a new one in 25 years to be able to start the actions. The corners and stands were first redefined to simplify management and better fit the reality of the estate. Subsequently, the necessary expert and dasometric inventories were carried out to characterize the different forest formations. In order to plan the actions, the Guidelines for Sustainable Forest Management of Catalonia (ORGEST) were used.


Creation of a TPFMI with a duration of 25 years specifying all the actions necessary to exploit the available resources, improve biodiversity and avoid the risk of fire.

General plan of forest formations of the property
General plan of forest formations of the property

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