Environmental Education Project, we are consolidating and growing


START: June 2020

FINAL: December 2021



  1. Disseminate and disseminate the project of the School of Naturalists (EdN), volunteering and outreach days.
  2. Consolidate the School of Naturalists and make it grow
  3. Promote actions open to the public to know and participate in nature conservation through, or in parallel, the EdN (Children, young people and adults).
  4. Convert public spaces in the municipality into living and biodiverse spaces
  5. Leverage the environment as an educational tool using methodologies adapted to new times and new concerns
  6. Deepen the link with nature by involving the local population in the protection of the territory
  7. Maintain the relationship with the territory and the different environmental entities





The Environmental Education, Consolidate and Grow project is an ambitious project that includes the School of Naturalists for Children, volunteering and outreach days. Thanks to this we have been able to reach different audiences who have tried to empower in favor of nature from training to volunteer days by exchanging knowledge.

We have also expanded our borders to the nearest municipalities with direct actions, but we have even received visitors from different parts of Catalonia who are concerned about the conservation of areas such as Lake Sils.


  1. Disseminate and publicize the EdN
  2. Open the EdN to the community, both in the school and in the municipality
  3. Convert public spaces in the municipality into living spaces to increase biodiversity and be able to use it as an educational tool



At the end of the project