European Solidarity Corps (ESC)



This is the fourth year that we have participated in the European Solidarity Corps and we have the project approved until 2027.

START: June 2024

FINAL: February 2024


  1. Know different ways of awareness and sensitization by the participant of the operation of an environmental entity.
  2. Professional experience allows personal development in different areas: evolution, growth and acquisition of skills.
  3. Learn a new culture and language while getting to know another country.


BUDGET 21.601€


The European Solidarity Corps is a voluntary body at European level that allows you to carry out many activities covering different topics. These projects are a great opportunity to learn new skills, spend time abroad, or learn a new culture and language.

The ESC project at the Emys Foundation allows a maximum of 3 volunteers per year to be able to work in any of the areas of the Foundation for up to 9 months. Doing all kinds of work, from conservation to education, green economy or sustainable management.

In 2021, three European volunteers from Italy, Ireland and Catalonia, Francesca, Judy and Laia, arrived at the Foundation. They have been with us all these months helping us in the areas of sustainable management, conservation and communication respectively.


  • At the end of the project.