Learning and Environmental Service Project (LES)



START: September 2023
END: June 2025  


Objectives related to learning:

  • Knowledge of the immediate environment and connection with it
  • Raise awareness and sensitize in relation to their environment (characteristics, the main problems that affect it, its strengths, etc..)
  • Encourage the making of appropriate and responsible decisions in relation to the environment and the service we want to perform
  • Link learning with a real service/action

Objectives related to the service:

  • Show the tangibility of the concepts raised and the chosen project
  • Facilitate a practical experience of environmental problems and the tasks carried out to improve their conservation
  • Show the relationship between the treatment of the environment and the quality of life of its inhabitants
  • Making them become spreaders and repeaters (even if it is outside the center) of the experience

Transversal objectives learning/service:

  • Show the benefits of intervening in the environment and of volunteering/service
  • Experiment and evaluate how through volunteering the individual can understand and train

BUDGET: 24,924€


In the Environmental Learning and Service project, a service to the community is proposed, understanding this as one that encompasses all species, including humans. We want to broaden the view and take into account a more holistic view. To work on this, we start from the global environmental context and the climate emergency, but we deal with it briefly, since what we really want to give importance to is "positive biology".

We accompany young people to look at their closest environment, the nature they have to touch, so that they can know it, value it, recognize what is good, identify what they can improve and carry it out. As promoters of this project, we have the role of facilitating the action and of coordinating all the agents involved (school management, teaching staff, town council, municipal brigade) to make it possible. 


Consolidation, deepening and learning of concepts related to the current climate emergency context, the state of wetlands and the importance of carrying out improvement actions in the nearby natural environment. Participation of the Sils, Maçanet de La Selva and Rafel Campalans d'Anglès Institutes.