Organic Horticulture Course - 10th Edition [FINISHED]


START: Jenuary 2020 
FINAL: July 2020


  1. Learn how to run an organic garden and discover the techniques and tools that make it possible for small producers to work efficiently and guarantee the quality of their product.
  2. To promote agriculture of high natural value, respectful of the environment and that promotes biodiversity.
  3. Provide knowledge so that participants can make a type of vegetable garden of high nutritional value and efficient.
  4. The sessions combine a theoretical presentation with an implementation of the knowledge introduced


  • 4.852,43€





For the tenth consecutive year, from the Emys Foundation, we carry out training in organic farming with the aim that participants learn how to run an organic garden, and discover the techniques and tools that make efficiency possible and guarantee the quality of the product that they are producing.

There are a total of 16 training sessions lasting about 68 hours, spread over different Saturday mornings in January and July.

We will have the following teachers for the training: Jordi Puig, Dr. in environmental sciences, environmentalist, organic producer and producer advisor. Author of the book "L'hort del segon origen"; Maribel Trillas, is a Catalan biologist specializing in the biological control of crop diseases; full professor at the University of Barcelona and is a member of the board of directors and scientific advisor of Biocontrol Technologies, S.L .; Bàrbara Lòpez, agricultural technical engineer, ADV of Bages Xavi Fontanet, biologist and agricultural technical engineer, trainer, experience as a horticulturist, co-author of the book "Plagas y enfermedades en hortalizas y frutales ecológicas"; Neus Vunyals is an agricultural engineer and is the training coordinator of L’Era de Manresa; Ander Achotegui, Dr, in ecology, environmentalist, and responsible for organic farming in the entity; others.