Emys Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of nature, especially wetlands and the pond turtle (Emys orbicularis).

We work from an integrative vision, where the challenge is to involve the owners, managers and users of the territory in the conservation of the values ​​of the natural heritage, its sustainable management and its long-term conservation. We do all this through volunteerism, land stewardship, research, conservation, environmental education, and communication.

We work holistically in wetlands, open spaces, agriculture and forestry in order to conserve nature and promote management that improves biodiversity. Through research, population monitoring of the species of interest is carried out to determine the state of conservation and the state of their habitat, this knowledge is applied in the management of natural spaces where, together with owners and managers of farms, we promote a management in favor of biodiversity.

Finally, we encourage this task and knowledge to be adopted by society, we do this through education and environmental communication, where citizens are made aware of the importance of natural values ​​and the individual responsibility we have in conservation. of nature.



We work in an interdisciplinary way between the areas of work that form the backbone of the Foundation's work. The synergy between the five areas of the Foundation allows us to face nature conservation by integrating the perspectives of each area.