Education and volunteering


Environmental awareness, through knowledge and practical interaction with nature, is one of the essential aims of the Emys Foundation. It is for this reason that the permanent educational practice has been and is intrinsic to the project of the entity and through it (discovery, talks at school, outings, etc.) has been able to conform, develop and consolidate. We work in the education and awareness of children and adults, in formal education and in leisure, specialist and generalist.

The educational project of the entity includes actions aimed at developing environmental awareness, knowledge of natural values ​​and the interest in conserving them, the individual responsibility we have in this conservation and the possibilities of action within our reach.

Pedagogical activities for children

Educational offer


The Emys Foundation has an offer of pedagogical activities designed for children and young people, in order to bring them closer to the richness of the Catalan natural heritage.

The workshops are mainly aimed at schools, from kindergarten to higher education, but can also be held at leisure organizations. Most of the activities offered can be done in the center, in the spaces managed by the entity or other spaces.


School of Naturalists 


The School of Naturalists is designed for all those children, young people and adults who love nature and / or want to learn more about everything around them.

Faced with the curiosity of many people to spend their free time experimenting, observing and learning about nature, we decided to create a space where we can share and nurture this interest. The activities are outdoors and totally practical, and people of all ages are welcome.



Training in agroecology

Technical training and informative talks


Agriculture is a practice that has a deep relationship with the land. Poor agricultural management can seriously affect the conservation of the biodiversity of the territory, but good agricultural practice can greatly favor its conservation.

That is why we promote agroecology and organic farming of high natural value with training courses for experts, workshops and training and informative talks for citizens and families.


Leisure education


Education in leisure time for the organization is very important as it allows us, mainly in summer, to enjoy nature, our environment and quality leisure time.

We carry out two types of activities in this area. On the one hand, the summer environmental center for children from 3 to 12 years old. On the other hand, the national labor camp for young people aged 14 to 17 and the international labor camp for young people aged 18 to 29.

Summer environmental center for children
Pond turtle picture

The European pond turtle


Getting to know the European pond turtle in depth is the first step in educating on its conservation. The pond turtle website has detailed information on the species and has content for all ages and levels.

In addition, we can find a section with very complete educational resources where there are materials for schools but also for families and volunteers.