School of Naturalists for Adults

Learning space

The School of Naturalists is designed for all those adults and young people who love nature and / or want to learn more about everything around it.

It is a totally practical activity, designed to be done outdoors (in the woods, in the countryside, in the river,…), regardless of the time of year, this means that you must come well equipped, with clothes comfortable and sporty shoes, in order to learn about nature at any time of the year. We work through different methodologies: experimentation, play, observation, the study of natural processes and creativity, among others.


In the proposal of the School of Naturalists we consider that environmental education must consist of 3 basic aspects:

What do you need to know?

Activity aimed at young people from 16 years old and adults from 18 years old.

There will be two groups depending on the number of entrants. From October 2021 to June 2022, one session per month.

The dates and content of the sessions can be found below.

The safety and health measures established by Covid-19 will be taken into account when carrying out the activity. Prior registration required.

Hours: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (usually) Price: 25 € / month

School of Naturalists sessions

16/10/21 Introduction to the School of Naturalists + Cleaning of nest boxes and egagrópiles study. 10h a 13h
20/11/21 Mycological output. 10h a 13h
18/12/21 The Rocar and the Mediterranean forest. 10h a 13h
15/01/22 Books, guides… of the naturalist. 10h a 13h
19/02/22 Identification of amphibians as biological indicators of water quality. 10 a 13h
12/03/22 Garden as an anthropized ecosystem. Composting, the forgotten grains. 10h a 14h
09/04/22 Observation of migratory birds in the new area of ​​the Tordera Delta. 7:30 a 10:30
21/05/22 Discovery of native land turtles. 10h a 13h
18/06/22 Beekeeping. Let's get to know the world of bees. EdN Adults Review and Closing. 10h a 13h