Green economy


For a management that lasts over time, it is essential to generate vital projects that allow people to live by conserving nature. The green economy is our commitment to encourage economic activities that, while conserving nature, allow those who make a living from this management, thus facilitating long-term sustainable management.

These projects are born out of the conviction that the current agri-food model needs to be transformed into a more sustainable one. This means shortening the chain of food production, distribution and consumption, encouraging the consumption of traditional varieties, increasing the diversity of spices in our dishes, advancing towards a fairer society and working with agricultural practices that address crops as an ecosystem that interacts with the rest and does not harm them.

At the Emys Foundation, we also work with the desire to extend sustainability in the social sphere. That is why, with the help of the Astres Foundation, we are collaborating so that these projects include people from disadvantaged groups in the area.


The Rebost of Can Moragues


The Rebost of Can Moragues it is a further step in the will to work on conservation from a comprehensive point of view, fostering an economy linked to the conservation of the territory from agriculture. El Rebost is a restaurant space with an organic shop where you can buy and taste the products of our farmers in custody.

The menu focuses on organic ingredients and their quality as protagonists, and shows that enjoying food and conserving nature at the same time is possible. There are also activities in El Rebost to promote food sustainability and increase knowledge in this area.

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The Rebost of Can Moragues
The organic Store Can Moragues

The organic store


The Rebost store is a point of sale where we will only find organic products, from fresh fruit and vegetables of traditional varieties and producers in custody or proximity, to meats, sausages and dairy products to dry products as they could be pastas, legumes, cookies, cereals and more. The products of the store are unique, local and small producers in the area at a fair price for the consumer and the producer.

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Our products


Can Moragues Organic Jams and Preserves are the result of a collaboration between the Emys Foundation and the Astres Foundation. The aim of this project is to create products that take into account the conservation of the territory using organic ingredients and producers in custody, and take into account the social aspect by giving job opportunities to people from vulnerable groups.

In this way we produce organic jams and sauces that take environmental and social sustainability into account.

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Can Moragues products

Our producers in custody


Why go looking for what we have nearby? Why be on the lookout for something new when we have forgotten treasures? Why buy anonymous food when we have colleagues who offer us the best of their harvest? El Rebost de Can Moragues is a non-profit project that brings you the best products, organic, local and local varieties in the area.

The Emys Foundation, through the advice of its farmers and ranchers in the custody of the territory, guarantees that its productions are as respectful of nature as possible.