Collaborate with Fundació Emys

Fundació Emys first began when a group of young people came together in 1987 to help in the conservation of the European pond terrapin (Emys orbicularis). This altruistic group, initially called Association of Defence of the Heritage of Riudarenes (ADEPAR), was founded as a social, voluntary movement dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity. That’s why your collaboration is especially important; because from the very beginning the ability of this organisation to preserve nature has relied on normal people stepping up and working together for a common good.
The many ways you can help us are shown below.

Become a donor

Make a donation to help keep Fundació Emys alive.

You can give us whatever amount you would like, and you will enter in our donor programme.

Become a volunteer

Help us improve our projects with your effort! As a volunteer you will participate in our volunteer program and you will be able to receive training in specific issues of the organisation.


Organize a CSR

Help preserve nature by organizing a CSR event with your enterprise. Team-building by helping nature.

Sponsor a turtle

We have been tracking turtles since 1987 and we have attained the longest known record worldwide of turtle populations. Sponsor a turtle and help us keep preserving Emys orbicularis!


Any suggestion? We want to hear from you

If you have any suggestion, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to explore collaborative ways to help nature.

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