Environmental awareness, through knowledge and practical interaction with nature, is one of the essential purposes of the Emys Foundation. For this reason, the permanent educational practice has been and is intrinsic to the project of the organisation. Through our educational programs, (discovery, talks in the school, excursions, etc.) the organisation has been able to develop and consolidate. We work in the education and sensitization of children and adults, in formal education and at leisure, specialist and generalist. The educational project of the organisation includes actions aimed at the development of environmental awareness, the knowledge of natural values ​​and the interest of conserving them, the individual responsibility that we have in this conservation and the possibilities for action at our disposal

Educational offer

The Emys Foundation has an offer of pedagogical activities designed for children and young people, in order to bring them a better understanding of our natural heritage. The workshops are aimed  mainly at schools, from children to higher-level training courses, but can also be done at leisure centers. Most of the activities can be implemented in the center, at our sites or other sites.

Technical formation and talks

Agriculture is a practice that has a deep relationship with the land. Poor agricultural management can seriously affect the conservation of biodiversity in an area, but good agricultural practices can greatly enhance its conservation. That is why we promote agroecology and organic farming and High Natural Values farming with training courses for experts, workshops and training and informative talks for citizens and families.

Recreational Education

Recreational education is a core issue for the organisation because it allows us, especially in summer, to enjoy nature, our environment and a leisure time of quality. In this field we carry out two types of activities. On the one hand, the summer environmental school for children from 3 to 12 years old. And on the other, the volunteer camp, for people from 14 to 17 years old.

Tortuga d'Estany

Getting to know the pond turtle in depth is the first step in educating how to conserve it. The web page of the pond turtle has detailed information about the species, and there is content for all ages and levels.

In addition, there is a section with comprehensive educational resources where there are materials for schools but also for families and volunteers.



Prevenció del malbaratament alimentari

CALENDARI: INICI: Gener 2019 FINAL: Desembre 2020 OBJECTIUS: Fer difusió sobre el malbaratament en les diferents baules de la cadena alimentària entre públic escolar, general i professional: Fer difusió sobre el malbaratament alimentari a través de tríptics. Un tríptic sobre el malbaratament alimentari previ a la seva arribada al consumidor i un altre enfocat per… Llegeix més

Resifarms: promovent agroecosistemes resilients!

CALENDARI: INICI: Setembre 2019 FINAL: Febrer 2022   OBJECTIUS: Crear una guia gratuïta, pràctica i accessible, adreçada a agricultors, tècnics agrícoles, entitats de custòdia o entitats vinculades al desenvolupament rural per gestionar adequadament aquestes parts no productives de la finca, promovent la conservació i la sanitat i productivitat agrícoles. Aquesta guia anirà acompanyada de vídeos… Llegeix més

Escola de Naturalistes

CALENDARI INICI: SETEMBRE 2019 OBJECTIUS: La idea principal és acostar els infants a la natura, a través dels següents objectius: La vinculació personal amb la natura El coneixement profund, proper i complex d’aquesta L’acció amb la presa de decisions responsables i adequades per contribuir a disminuir l’impacte de l’ésser humà en l’entorn FINANÇADORS: GRUP BATALLÉ Les… Llegeix més
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