Work and Training Program (WATP)

START: November 2020

FINAL: November 2021



  • Acquire and / or improve knowledge and skills in organic horticulture, sustainable gardening, sustainable forest management and sustainability (renewable energy, waste reduction and energy efficiency)
  • Improve the ability to organize, teamwork, self-management, coordination in the workplace
  • Improving the level of vehicular languages ​​and culture of the territory, strengthening and creating social links with the workers and volunteers, collaborators and clients of Fundació Emys.
  • Promote tasks that are of interest to the worker, in order to advance in the consolidation of their professional profile
  • Participation in work with other collaborating companies, so that the person develops a work network as extensive as possible, ensuring their future employability.

BUDGET: 38.443,92€


The Training and Work Program (PTIF) in which the Emys Foundation collaborates allows the employment of young migrants in Catalonia, to whom it has helped their social and labor insertion through work and training. The Foundation works with other social projects such as the Astres Foundation and has a long experience and experience in this field.

The contracted people receive a reception and presentation of the whole work team, as well as receive training of the tasks that are of most interest to the worker in order to give them the highest possible priority in the choice of the work placement.

In the first month they carry out a round of tasks, so that the worker can try and experiment with the different tasks, encouraging learning and being able to assess which ones are most interesting to him / her. They then carry out training in organic farming, gardening and sustainable forestry and renewable energy.


  • The expected results are a substantial improvement in the capabilities described in the specific objectives. A balance will be sought, trying to improve the less developed skills, in order to achieve minimums that promote their employment and social inclusion.
  • At the end of the project.

This has been made possible thanks to the Public Employment Service of Catalonia, the Generalitat de Catalunya, the State Public Employment Service and the European Social Fund. "The European Social Fund is investing in your future."