Environmental awareness, through knowledge and practical interaction with nature, is one of the essential purposes of the Emys Foundation. It is for this reason that the permanent educational practice has been and is intrinsic to the project of the entity and through it (discovery, talks in the school, exits, etc.) has been able to conform, develop and consolidate -se We work in the education and sensitization of children and adults, in formal education and at leisure, specialist and generalist. The educational project of the entity includes actions aimed at the development of environmental awareness, the knowledge of natural values ​​and the interest of conserving them, the individual responsibility that we have in this conservation and the possibilities of action at our disposal

Educative dossier

The Emys Foundation has an offer of pedagogical activities designed for children and young people, in order to bring them a better understanding of our natural heritage. The workshops are directed mainly to schools, from children to higher-level training courses, but can also be done at leisure centers. Most of the activities can be implemented in the center, in our sites or other sites.

Technical formation and talks

Agriculture is a practice that has a deep relationship with the land. Poor agricultural management can seriously affect the conservation of biodiversity on a land, but good agricultural practices can greatly enhance its conservation. That is why we promote agroecology and organic farming and High Natural Values farming with training courses for experts, workshops and training and informative talks for citizens and families.

Leisure Education

Leisure education is a core issue for the organisation because it allows us, especially in summer, to enjoy nature, our environment and a leisure time of quality. In this field we carry out two types of activities. On the one hand, the summer environmental school for children from 3 to 12 years old. And on the other, the volunteer camp, for people from 14 to 17 years old.


Resifarms: promovent agroecosistemes resilients!

Iniciem un projecte europeu Erasmus + anomenat Resilient Farmlands: Promoting education to boost ecosystem services of non-productive farmlands. (Agroecosistemes resilients: promovent la formació per fomentar els serveis ecosistèmics derivats de les zones no productives dels espais agraris) El projecte RESIFARMS és liderat per la Fundació Emys i compta també amb la participació d’organitzacions de cinc… Llegeix més

Escola de Naturalistes

L’Escola de Naturalistes és un espai educatiu on la natura és la protagonista, per tal de generar un vincle entre els infants i joves amb la natura i amb les entitats d’educació ambiental més enllà de les activitats puntuals que es poden fer amb els centres educatius i les activitats que realitzem durant l’estiu. Té… Llegeix més

Curs horticultura ecològica (9ena edició)

Per novè any consecutiu, des de la Fundació Emys, realitzem la formació en agricultura ecològica amb l’objectiu que els participants aprenguin a menar un hort ecològic, i descobreixin les tècniques i eines que fan possible l’eficiència i garanteixin la qualitat del producte que estan produint. La formació també està reconeguda com a 3 crèdits de… Llegeix més
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