For a management that lasts in time, it is essential to generate vital projects that allow people to live from preserving nature. The green economy is our commitment to promote economic activities that, while preserving nature, helps farmers sustain economically, thus facilitating sustainable long-term management. Fundació Emysalso works with the will for sustainability in the social way. That is why, thanks to the Astres Foundation, we collaborate to bring these projects into people from disadvantaged groups from nearby areas.

rebost can moragues


Can Moragues is the result of the collaboration of an environmental foundation, Fundació Emys , and a social foundation, Fundació Astres. The objective is the creation of a project that helps preserve the land and the people of disadvantaged groups that are part of it. In this way we produce jams and organic sauces, made with fresh products from producers in land stewardship of our lands, elaborated and labeled artisanally.

rebost can moragues


El Rebost de Can Moragues is another step in the desire to work on conservation from a comprehensive perspective, promoting an economy linked to nature preservation from agriculture.  The Rebost is a store & restaurant space where you can buy and taste the products of our land stewardship farmers. We also promote activities at El Rebost to disseminate food sustainability and increase knowledge around sustainability


We believe in environmental education and citizen awareness as elements for the preservation of our natural heritage. For this reason, apart from an educational offer, we believe that ecotourism is an additional opportunity to work with different audiences and to enter, in a more playful way, on issues such as sustainability, the environment, health food, organic farming …


Hort demostratiu de Can Moragues

Un hort ecològic i d’alt valor natural de 2000m2 on el visitant i els professionals agrícoles podran aprendre sobre les metodologies de l’agricultura ecològica i sobre les varietats locals d’horta de Catalunya. Col·laboradors: Fundació Astres, Fundació Bosch i Gimpera, L’Espigall Patrocinadors: Fundación Daniel et Nina Carasso Llegeix més
Aquests són tots els projectes de conservació
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