Land stewardship is a tool that environmental organizations use to preserve nature in private estates, reaching agreements with their owners and / or managers to carry out actions that help to preserve and at the same time improve the farm. The Emys Foundation began its conservation work in 1987, and signed the first land stewardship agreement of the territory of Catalonia in 1989, in its effort to preserve the European pond terrapin and its habitat. Since then, 35 agreements have been signed on forest and agricultural land stewardship areas. Land Stewardship is the tool to involve all agents, in a coordinated way, in an active and sustainable management in favor of the natural heritage preservation. Land stewardship means, for example, helping farmers manage agricultural spaces in a more sustainable way, because with their collaboration nature gains a great deal of activity. Land stewardship is different with each owner and / or manager but has common denominators in all cases; communication, trust and collaboration. We work with these aspects so that the uses and activities can be compatible in areas guarded with the conservation of the natural values ​​of the territory at a long term.

Farmland Stewardship

Fundació Emys has dozens of land stewardship agreements with organic farmers. Our main objective with these is to implement high natural value farming (HNVF). HNVF a farming method capable of sustaining high levels of biodiversity, which helps conservation, but at the same time it is a technique that boosts productivity and control of pests and diseases.


Forest Stewardship

In Catalonia, most of the surface is forests in which applying a more comprehensive management makes them complex habitats, capable of accommodating biodiversity and offering many ecosystem services. From Fundació Emys we work on the assessment and support of owners who want to promote management of the farm, from a vision that integrates environmental and economic sustainability, on the one hand, with the vision of ownership, on the other.


Prevenció del malbaratament alimentari

CALENDARI: INICI: Gener 2019 FINAL: Desembre 2020   OBJECTIUS: Fer difusió sobre el malbaratament en les diferents baules de la cadena alimentària entre públic escolar, general i professional: Fer difusió sobre el malbaratament alimentari a través de tríptics. Un tríptic sobre el malbaratament alimentari previ a la seva arribada al consumidor i un altre enfocat… Llegeix més


CALENDARI: INICI: Gener 2020 FINAL: Desembre 2020   OBJECTIUS: El projecte EMYSTRACK pretén ampliar el coneixement dels diferents nuclis de tortuga d’estany (Emys orbicularis) de la plana de la Selva de cara a la seva gestió i preservació. Els objectius específics son els següents: O1. Donar continuïtat als seguiments d’E. orbicularis iniciats el 1987 amb… Llegeix més

Resifarms: promovent agroecosistemes resilients!

CALENDARI: INICI: Setembre 2019 FINAL: Febrer 2022   OBJECTIUS: Crear una guia gratuïta, pràctica i accessible, adreçada a agricultors, tècnics agrícoles, entitats de custòdia o entitats vinculades al desenvolupament rural per gestionar adequadament aquestes parts no productives de la finca, promovent la conservació i la sanitat i productivitat agrícoles. Aquesta guia anirà acompanyada de vídeos… Llegeix més
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