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The European pond terrapin is an autochthon species of the Catalonia wetlands that is in danger of extinction. In the last 30 years most of their populations have disappeared due to the loss and degradation of their habitat. The pond terrapin is a particularly interesting species since when it is present in an environment it indicates that the environment is in very good health and that therefore there are many other species: toads, nutes, salamanders, etc.

By sponsoring a terrapin you will also receive


Certificates of donation and of "godparent" for the terrapin

Annual tour

Annual tour for the sponsors to explain the situation of the terrapins and actions implemented for its preservation.


Monitoring draft of the year.

Where funds go

Every year since 1987, we carry out the monitoring program to know the conservation status of the pond terrapin (Emys orbicularis). We measure and weigh the turtles, we review the environment and study how many new ones are found. With these data, we can know the state of health of the pond terrapin populations and what measures must be taken to improve it, for example where to create new ponds or whether to restore an existing pool.

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