General services

  • Drafting of projects related to nature conservation (natural spaces, studies of fauna and flora, monitoring and others ...)

  • Drafting of Subsidies around nature conservation

  • Environmental advice

  • Training for technicians

Forest and agricultural management

    • Fertilization / composting advice

    • Assessments and designs of non-productive areas of agricultural holdings to enhance beneficial ecosystem services

    • Forest pest advice (processionary)

    • Training in organic farming

    • Food waste training Offer management and monitoring of experimental research fields in agriculture and / or agricultural / forestry biodiversity

    • Drafting of PTGMF and PSGF


Informative sign

Public use of natural spaces 

    • Environmental and communicative diagnosis of natural spaces
    • Writing Public Use Management
    • Plans Calculation of ecological load capacity
    • Advice on the implementation of regulation of uses and accesses
    • Design of the strategy and communicative tools of the management of the public use

Education and volunteering

  • Carrying out environmental education and training activities for all audiences
  • Design of environmental education activities
  • Organization and execution of environmental volunteer actions
  • Revitalization of environmental education spaces
  • Realization of environmental centers and work camps
  • Design, organization and execution of training for projects
  • Renaturalization of educational spaces (schools, civic centers, libraries ...)


Children at the forest
Pond turtle

Monitoring and studies of fauna and flora

  • Scientific research and monitoring
  • Studies of the natural environment of habitats and species
  • Invasive species management
  • Wildlife monitoring

Restoration of natural spaces

  • Conservation Management of Protected Natural Areas
  • Custody and management of forest estates
  • Advice on renaturalization of urban areas
Protected area

Clear water


  • Design of environmental awareness campaigns
  • Design and execution of participatory processes
  • Advice and training in environmental communication
  • Drafting of environmental communication plans

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